Sedins fostering next generation of hockey stars in Abbotsford

Connection is the key to making good linemates great in hockey, and Vancouver has had no better example than the Sedin twins. Henrik and Daniel Sedin could have found each other on the ice with their eyes closed, and their style of play has inspired young players across the hockey world.

But these days, the Hockey Hall of Famers lace up their skates not to help each other find the puck, but rather to connect with those young players they have inspired. Their sole reason for hitting the ice now is helping the next generation of professional hockey stars, starting in Abbotsford with the Abbotsford Canucks (AHL). 

“Watching those two go to work was unbelievable” Arshdeep Bains said of the dynamic between the two brothers during their time playing for the Vancouver Canucks. “The way they would play and pass with each other was so awesome to watch.” The AHL rookie and Surrey native was a Vancouver Canucks fan from childhood and grew up cheering on the Sedins.

The 21-year-old credits both his experience watching the brothers play together and now having them as mentors throughout his development as something that has helped him “get better every day.”   

Bains faced a steep learning curve coming into his first-year pro and the Sedins have been there to help him since day one. After games, Bains says the Sedins connect with him about his performance, bringing up points where the rookie did well, and where he could improve.  

“They’re always here for me. I’m super grateful they’re helping our whole group out,” said Bains.

After their 17-season tenure with the Vancouver Canucks, Hockey Hall of Famers, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, returned to the organization to take on roles as Special Advisors to the General Manager in 2021. Shortly after that, they transitioned to roles in player development.  

Henrik and Daniel focus on working with Vancouver’s current and future NHL stars on and off the ice. Not only do they support the current Vancouver Canucks, but they also spend a lot of time in Abbotsford with Vancouver’s top prospects.

The twins help young players perfect their game on the ice and aid them in their mental game, helping the players reach their full potential physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Abbotsford rookie Linus Karlsson spoke about the support Daniel and Henrik have given him during his first season in North America. Until December 20th, 2022, Karlsson was the only Swedish player on Abbotsford’s roster.

It was the help of the Swedish brothers that eased his transition to North American hockey.   

“It’s tough to come here from another country” said Karlsson. The on and off-ice support from Henrik and Daniel is what Karlsson says has helped him to play his game. By the end of January, the rookie had posted 31 points, good for third in rookie scoring for the entire league, and overall points for Abbotsford (14G 17A). He also leads Abbotsford for total goals. 

“They’ve helped me a lot this year. Even outside the rink when it’s tough you can always talk to them” the rookie said. Karlsson describes the two brothers as “unbelievable people.”  

It’s not just the rookies that the Sedin twins support in Abbotsford, they work to unlock the potential of everyone on the roster. Taking their time to connect with each player, Henrik and Daniel have proven to be a reliable support system in all aspects of the game. 

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